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Packable Travel Hammock
Packable Travel Hammock
Packable Travel Hammock
lightweight compact parachute travel hammock
Packable Travel Hammock
Packable Travel Hammock

Packable Travel Hammock

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Take it easy.

Lightweight, durable, and easy to set up & stow away. 
Our single Vdora parachute hammocks are ideal to take anywhere! Plus, with our nautical rope kit, you can easily set up camp wherever you think best.

The travel hammock is packed in its own attached storage pouch, making it a great choice for a travel bed, and relaxation station.


Hang between palm trees, overlooking mountains, or even at the office (we won't tell). What a life!

The hammock in detail:
Size: 320 X 155 cm / 10' 6" X 4' 11"
Weight: 500g / 17.6 oz
Carrying Capacity: 200 kg / 440 lbs
Material: High Grade Parachute Nylon

The travel hammock comes with a set-up system using durable stainless hooks. If you want more flexibility on where you set up your hammock, you might want to grab a Nautical Rope Kit.

Side note: if you're planning to hang your hammock between trees, don't forget your tree guards to protect the trunk - often, a t-shirt would suffice.


Made ethically.

Fair trade and ethical practices are our top priority. To make these amazing parachute hammocks, we teamed up with Ticket To The Moon, the original creators of the camping hammock. They are based in Indonesia where they've established jobs for the locals and set up a local charity.

The TTTM team is composed only of adults (we have 0 tolerance for child labour) who are paid fair wages, pension and social security. Your purchase will help keep their community and the foundation maintain and even improve their situation further.

Giving back.


To this day, a portion of the proceeds from your hammock purchase still goes to the TTTM foundation supporting the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in the east thru health, educational, cultural & development aid programs. To date (est. 2009) the foundation has successfully helped the local community with building new infrastructure and education facilities, malaria prevention programs, and access to clean water. 

Environmentally conscious production.

Any fabric left over after our unique products have been cut is creatively turned into new solutions like our lightweight mini backpacks.



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