4 Easy Ways To Build An Ethical Wardrobe

4 Easy Ways To Build An Ethical Wardrobe

Have you ever wondered about how & where your clothes were made, whether workers were treated fairly and what kind of impact the production made on the environment?

If you haven't already, perhaps it's time to start creating a more ethical wardrobe. You might think that this process will be expensive or time-consuming. It's actually not. There is no need to worry; it is possible to dress ethically, stay within budget and still look trendy!

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Simple adjustments to your lifestyle and some new good habits are all it takes. Here is a handy guide on building your beautiful and sustainable wardrobe:

1. Don't rebuild from scratch. Mix and match.

There is no need to get rid of the clothes you already have. You might need some new basics, but keep your old favourites, style them with different accessories, reinvent them with a DIY project or try new combinations. Be imaginative, give them a new life!

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2. Take care of the clothes you already have.

Be mindful when doing your laundry. This is when your clothing impacts the environment a lot. You can put on larger loads, wash at lower temperatures, opt to hang your clothes if you can rather than using the dryer and put off laundry if you've only mildly used your anti-bacterial clothing. Additionally, learn to mend your clothes.

3. Don't rush, think twice. Choose quality over quantity.

Fast fashion dictates us to buy more and shop more frequently, but resist; go shopping consciously. Always ask yourself: Do I really need this piece? How many ways can I wear it? The more versatile the item, the more value it will add to your closet. Try to resist the impulse to buy many cheap items in favour of investing in quality ones as it will not only make your look more streamlined, but also reduce the amount you consume overall. So get fewer but better things, and only those you are 100% in love with.

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4. Purchase during the off-season, join loyalty programs and/or wait for sales.

Shopping at ethical retailers might seem more expensive; There is a good reason behind that: you get pieces of better quality which will last longer, your clothes are made of organic materials and the people making the items are paid & treated fairly. While not everyone can afford to make these investments right away, buying them won't break the bank if you check for discounts and shop during off-season.

There you have it - 4 easy and budget-friendly ways to upgrade your wardrobe to one that is more conscious and sustainable. Que Vdora!

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