Harmony and Moderation

harmony ith nature. ethical merino wool farming

True sustainability in harmony with nature.

Project Vdora was born out of necessity - a need for eco conscious, ethical and smart solutions. There is always a compromise to be made when it comes to consumption.

The answer to environmental and social concerns lie within respect & moderation.

It's not enough for an item to be "eco" in the loose sense of the term. A true eco-friendly piece has to be smart & becoming - able to keep up with your lifestyle gracefully, so you can do more with less.
When one is happy with less, one consumes less.
slow fashion by vdora
This is the aim of Project Vdora:
To help you craft the a good life everyday with less.
The goal of every design is to provide you with beautiful quality capsule pieces for year-round function - through timeless design, versatile material, responsible environmental choices & positive social impact.
Project Vdora is a life-long project of betterment, fellowship, creativity & stewardship. 
Project Vdora upholds high environmental & social morale.
When you support Project Vdora, you support small, individual & local livelihood.

With the right solutions & virtuous attitude we can live beautifully in grace and harmony.


Now, this is the good life.