Why Merino Wool?

When choosing capsule pieces, one must consider the following:

Longevity of the design, functionality of the cut, ecological impact of resources, social impact of production, and performance of the fabric.

After all, capsule pieces are meant to last and keep up with your lifestyle - any time of the year.

Merino wool is a naturally technical fibre.

superfine merino fibre

Superfine Fibres

Merino Wool Is Lightweight, Soft & Resilient

Merino wool is gentle on the skin.

Unlike coarse fibres, Merino wool's fine fibres bend when pressed onto skin. It does not have the same scratchy or prickly sensation as other wool or rough fibres.

Merino wool also sports natural elasticity and resilience. This enables Vdora's versatile apparel to fit well and move with you.
merino wool is the best moisture wicking material

High Performance

Moisture Wicking & Temperature Regulating

Merino wool is excellent for keeping your body cool when it's warm, and warm when it's cool - ideal for all 4 seasons!

Merino apparel is amazing at keeping you from feeling cold & damp. Merino fibres excel in moving moisture away from the skin. So much so that even if the fabric gets wet, the surface area of your skin can remain dry. According to a few researches, Merino fabrics can absorb up to 30% of their dry weight before feeling wet. Most synthetic fabrics typically feel wet after they absorb less than 7%.

Keep you cool.
Merino moves moisture - even as vapour, before it turns to sweat - from your skin, keeping you cooler when your body temperature rises. This makes for a breathable fabric that is ideal for hot climates and exercising!

Stay comfortably warm.
Merino wool as a natural insulator. Merino wool's natural crimp makes for a natural insulation in the cooler months by trapping "dead air" creating a buffer to the cold.
naturally odour resistant fabric

Naturally Anti-bacterial

Odour Resistant

Because of its awesome moisture-wicking properties, odour causing bacteria can't thrive!

This means that you can wash less and stay fresh longer. Save time & water!
merino wool is uv protective

Natural Protection

UV Protective

Merino wool is naturally UV resistant (up to UPF 50). Merino fibre has a naturally high UPF, without the addition of chemicals.
flame resistance of merino

Unique Natural structure

Flame Resistant

Thanks to its naturally high levels of water and nitrogen content, merino wool requires higher levels of oxygen in the surrounding environment in order to burn.

While it may be ignited if subjected to a powerful heat source, merino wool does not normally support flame, unlike cotton, modal or bamboo. If it does smoulder, merino wool combusts (to ashes) and will not melt onto skin, unlike nylon or acrylic.

Merino wool is especially ideal to wear when living in high-risk areas, hiking & camping or working as a first responder.
(Learn more at iwto.org/wellness/flame-resistance/)
merino sheep


Kind To The Ecosystem

Merino wool is both renewable & biodegradable.

Plus, unlike most synthetics, Merino wool does not leave microplastics when washed or worn. 
This means that it does not contribute to the rising amount of microplastics found in the ocean or, sadly, in other animals like fish. 

Vdora supports responsible growers & sources superfine Merino fabric derived from non-mulesed sheep only.

 So it's as kind to the environment and animals as it is to you.

Creating Capsule Solutions with Merino Wool

Small Batch Production in Canada.

True Sustainability In Form

Merino wool is Vdora's top-choice fibre to work with as it provides the most value for performance and true sustainability.

Merino wool fabric, when cut and designed for multi-functionality, can be optimized for year round wear, year after year.

This means that we don't need to demand excessive amounts year after year. With Vdora's solutions, you can invest in quality that will last you more than just a season.

You can buy less and you focus on living.

Since they're created for your graceful living, Vdora's Merino wool solutions are made to be more than just base layers.

You'll actually want to wear them out.