Pure Merino Wool Versa Line

Born out of a need for better. The Versa Line is a result of the right combination of nature's most technical fibre and smart design.
The Versa Line is created for mindful go-getters using responsibly sourced superfine Merino wool from non-mulesed sheep.

Truly sustainable pieces:
Produced responsibly in small batches and made to last.

Multi-Functional  |  Moisture Wicking  |  Temperature Regulating  |  Antibacterial  |  Flame Resistant  |  Soft  |  Natural  |  100% Merino Wool
ethical merino wool
Coming Soon: Premium ZQ Certified Merino Wool Pieces for The Family
These versatile pieces are the must-have items in your capsule wardrobe.
You don't need a lot. You just need the right solutions.