charcoal gray versa toque beanie made in canada
- open back versa toque for pony tail
Moroccan Blue Versa Toque as neck gaiter and grey Versa Toque as hat
small moroccan blue toque
classic black versa toque paired with versa throw
black on black merino wool beanie
Classic Black Versa Toque indoors
versa toque as face cover or neck gaiter
multiway headwear made in canada
Versa Toque
merino face cover winter
merino wool face cover
close up of charcoal grey versa toque

Versa Toque

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Responsibly Sourced 100% Superfine Australian Merino Wool.

No more overheating or feeling damp. No more fear of sparks around the fire. The Versa Toque is a pocketable everyday carry designed to perform seamlessly from season to season, between daily activities and sports... without sacrificing style. 

1 Versa Toque, Over 4 Ways To Wear, 0 Elastics.
Featuring 2 layers 100% superfine merino (150gsm x 2), designed for your year-round comfort & style. 

Wear this multi-functional Merino headwear as:

  • Hat / Beanie
    Keep the top closed or open when wearing a ponytail

  • Neck Gaiter
    An excellent neck warmer / fitted scarf

  • Face Cover
    Protect your neck and face from harsh elements

  • Headband
    Keep your hair and/or sweat away from your face or use as ear warmer

+ Also features a hidden cash stash!

Available in Limited Edition Moroccan Blue



Poised, Refined, Effortless. Classic.
The same beloved capsule favourite in new Classic Black, featuring a new subtle chestnut brown cork tag.

The Classic Black Versa Toque offers versatility & artful subtlety;
An everyday carry designed to perform seamlessly from season to season, from work to leisure, between daily activities and adventures... without sacrificing grace. 

Now this is the good life. Que Vdora!

Why Is Merino Wool Dubbed Nature's Miracle Fibre?

Natural fibres & bio-derived fibres are our best bet for a sustainable future. Merino wool is the most technical natural fibre. Plus, it is renewable and biodegradable, so it's as tender to the environment as it is to your skin. 

The Versa Line utilizes 100% Superfine Merino Wool fabric from non-mulesed sheep. Thus it is:

  • Temperature-Regulating, so it will keep you warm when it's cool, and cool when it's warm, especially when you're active

  • Moisture Wicking, so you won't feel clammy in the Winter or Summer. This also means that it's quick drying!

  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial, so you can wash your Versa Line items less, save water & reduce your carbon footprint

  • Odour Resistant, so you don't have to worry about scents lingering on your clothing

  • Fire Resistant, so it's unlikely to burn and melt to your skin if you get too close to the campfire

  • Lightweight, making it an ideal staple for commuters, adventurers & travellers who don't like to let stuff weigh them down

  • Organic & Sustainable due to the fact that it is both biodegradable and renewable. It is also durable & high performance, lasting many years and wear with proper care.

  • Non-itchy & Soft due to its very fine merino wool fibres

You can learn more about Merino wool's technical properties & sustainability here.

Size -  ( fits 19" - 22" circumference )
generally fits adolescents and petite adults

Size 0  ( fits 22"-24" circumference )
fits most adults

Size +  ( fits 23" - 25" circumference )
fits most adults who prefer a bit more allowance when wearing as a neck gaiter or headband. Also usually preferred by those with thicker hair. 

When worn as a hat, the Versa Toque is meant to fit as a slouchy beanie.

The Versa Toque is designed for your year-round comfort and performance, without sacrificing style.

The best-selling Versa Toque is crafted for the minimalists & go-getters:

merino wool beanie with pocket

Smart cut + nature's best fibre = a true sustainably versatile design that can keep up with your lifestyle.

An EDC (everyday carry) you'll feel and & look good in.

With its temperature regulating and anti-bacterial properties - plus over 4 ways to wear - The Versa Toque is a tried and tested all-year carry item, useful in many conditions.

Wear the Versa Toque on your walks, commute, ski trips; while cycling, hiking, snowmobiling, paragliding, or even lounging.. you get the idea.


For a Limited Time, Get The Versa Toque in Moroccan Blue!

This Moroccan blue is a unique hue that is quite difficult to do justice to on screen. This colour is fascinatingly distinctive. One way we'd describe it is this: A beautiful Chefchaouen Blue blended with teal. Its tone changes depending on the light.

Handwash (recommended) or machine-wash your merino wool fabrics on a cool gentle/wool cycle using a wool detergent.

Do not bleach. Avoid fabric softeners.

Simply lay flat in shade to dry.

Kim's personal 5-minute handwashing tip:
Soak for 5 minutes - in a basin filled with cold or lukewarm water + your wool detergent or mild shampoo (wool is hair after all). Agitate water as needed.
Do not scrub.

Rinse. Do not wring tight.

Then lay flat in shade to dry.


Toronto-based independent designer. Small batch production.

All of Project Vdora clothes and accessories are handmade (yes, by actual people) fairly in Toronto, Canada.

Your items are made by the designer personally and by local seamstresses. Project Vdora supports local livelihood and the local fashion design & production industry. Making in Canada ensures fair labour practices, a positive social impact and a reduced carbon footprint.

Now, this is the good life! Que Vdora. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
All in all, a fantastic product!

I debated buying this for a while and now that I have it, Im kicking myself for not getting it earlier. I walk my husky mix in all weather and this has kept me warmer than my old knit cap ever did. It is lightweight enough to barely notice it but it really, really works. And the style and color are charming, to boot! I got size 0 which fits perfectly as a hat. It's a little too loose to be an effective face mask, but I wasn't purchasing it for that purpose anyway. (It has come in handy a few times when I forgot my mask and was able to pull this down and hold it in place long enough to get through an unexpected crowd.) All in all, a fantastic product!

Val Sharp
The perfect toque

My husband and I both live this hat. I’ve worn it for windy walks, paddle boarding and cycling. It’s lightweight and keeps me warm without making my head hot and sweaty. I love that it can be worn so many different ways. It’s the perfect toque.

Terrific style and functionality

I have been so pleased with the fit and function of this product that I am going to order a second one.

Excellent product from a caring maker.

Will buy here again.

This lightweight merino wool beanie is INCREDIBLY comfortable and warm!

This is going to be one of my favorites hats for this Fall/Winter season! And, it was VERY quickly shipped! This is a PERFECT artist and seller!

Independent Maker

Small-Batch Production

Smart & Timeless

For Year-Round Wear

You don't need a lot.

You just need the right solution.

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