What Makes Our Lyocell Fabric Especially Good

What Makes This Organic Fabric So Eco-Friendly?

The Simply Shift Dress is made of silky soft eco-friendly Lenzing lyocell fabric made from wood pulp (i.e. from eucalyptus trees) grown in forests. No pesticides, old-growth forests, genetic manipulation or irrigation are used. In fact, the lyocell fabrics used have earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This means that you rest assured that the products come from socially and environmentally responsible forests.

Unlike many other fiber processes, the chemicals used to produce our lyocell fibers are nontoxic. The cellulose or ground pulp is treated in what is known as a closed loop process in which these solvents are recycled with a recovery rate of 99.5%. The small amount of remaining emissions is decomposed in biological purification plants. You can learn more about our eco fabrics here.