Versa Toque Design

The Versa Toque is designed for your year-round comfort and performance, without sacrificing style.

The best-selling Versa Toque is crafted for the minimalists & go-getters:

merino wool beanie with pocket

Smart cut + nature's best fibre = a true sustainably versatile design that can keep up with your lifestyle.

An EDC (everyday carry) you'll feel and & look good in.

With its temperature regulating and anti-bacterial properties - plus over 4 ways to wear - The Versa Toque is a tried and tested all-year carry item, useful in many conditions.

Wear the Versa Toque on your walks, commute, ski trips; while cycling, hiking, snowmobiling, paragliding, or even lounging.. you get the idea.


For a Limited Time, Get The Versa Toque in Moroccan Blue!

This Moroccan blue is a unique hue that is quite difficult to do justice to on screen. This colour is fascinatingly distinctive. One way we'd describe it is this: A beautiful Chefchaouen Blue blended with teal. Its tone changes depending on the light.