Technical Properties of Merino Wool

Why Is Merino Wool Dubbed Nature's Miracle Fibre?

Natural fibres & bio-derived fibres are our best bet for a sustainable future. Merino wool is the most technical natural fibre. Plus, it is renewable and biodegradable, so it's as tender to the environment as it is to your skin. 

The Versa Line utilizes 100% Superfine Merino Wool fabric from non-mulesed sheep. Thus it is:

  • Temperature-Regulating, so it will keep you warm when it's cool, and cool when it's warm, especially when you're active

  • Moisture Wicking, so you won't feel clammy in the Winter or Summer. This also means that it's quick drying!

  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial, so you can wash your Versa Line items less, save water & reduce your carbon footprint

  • Odour Resistant, so you don't have to worry about scents lingering on your clothing

  • Fire Resistant, so it's unlikely to burn and melt to your skin if you get too close to the campfire

  • Lightweight, making it an ideal staple for commuters, adventurers & travellers who don't like to let stuff weigh them down

  • Organic & Sustainable due to the fact that it is both biodegradable and renewable. It is also durable & high performance, lasting many years and wear with proper care.

  • Non-itchy & Soft due to its very fine merino wool fibres

You can learn more about Merino wool's technical properties & sustainability here.