Travel Gear

A collection of long-lasting, lightweight, packable and versatile items to help you travel, camp, explore and unwind comfortably. Our smart travel gear are made from parachute nylon, including cuts that would have been otherwise wasted (our compact backpacks are made of extra cuts from our lightweight travel hammocks).

We contacted TTTM, who are based in Indonesia, to make our gear to ensure quality and ethics. They are a trusted social company who ensures that "all staff enjoy proper working conditions with social security, a pension, and a basic salary that is far higher than the minimum salary. They only work five and a half 8-hour days per week, setting our company apart from most others and bonding workers into a unique social community. "

Vdora believes in helping each other out, rather than competing. TTTM already creates the best (and original) lightweight camping hammocks. Not only that; they also built a foundation supporting the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in East Indonesia. By supporting them, we are helping them continue to develop health, educational, cultural and infrastructural programs... all while making travel & camping stylishly and conveniently comfortable. Que Vdora!