Your Must Have Vdora Carry-On Items

project vdora how to pack light carry-on

One of the biggest struggles of travelling is figuring out what to pack and how much to pack. This is especially true for limited baggage allowances on airlines. At Project Vdora, we believe in making travel as easy and sustainable as possible. For this reason, all of our items are made to be extremely versatile. They can be worn to look differently and used in various settings. We only utilize the best eco-friendly materials that are soft, anti-bacterial, temperature-regulating (the Versa Line, specifically) and lightweight.

We have chosen three of our creations to show you how they are the perfect easy, comfortable and useful carry-on items for your next adventure.

The Versa Throw

Project Vdora Versa Throw travel clothing

Our unisex Versa Throw is multifunctional and remarkably comfortable, which is essential for travel.  The throw can be worn more than 7 ways: a blanket, a hooded cape, a wrap-around shawl, an open shawl, a wrap-around poncho, an open poncho and a scarf.  

We love using the Versa Throw on airplanes as a blanket or a wrap-around shawl. When boarding, planes tend to be warm so you can wear the throw as a poncho. Once seated and the plane's AC is turned on, you can take the "sleeves" down to cover your arms and extend the width of the throw, which allows for extra coverage. 

The Versa Toque

Project Vdora Versa Toque travel clothing carry-on

Like the throw, our unisex Versa Toque, is multifunctional and can be worn as a beanie, a scarf, a mask and a headband. 

We all know keeping hair looking great can be difficult on a plane especially if it’s a long flight and the Versa Toque is here to save you from a bad hair day.  Since the toque doubles as a headband and planes can get loud it is great for covering your ears and blocking out some of the unwanted noise.  We've also had some travellers share that they've used the versa toque as an eye mask! Simply pull the front down.

Project Vdora Versa Toque Interior cash pocket ant-theft

Another notable feature of our versatile hat is its interior emergency cash stash (pocket) which is helpful when travelling - if you don’t want to carry your cash in your wallet or pocket. It's a good way to out-smart pick pockets, don't you think?

Eco Mini Backpack

 Project Vdora Eco Compact Backpack carry-on bag

Our eco mini backpack will blow your mind. It's a backpack that can fold up into the size of your hand.  While travelling, our carry-on's can often be larger sized bags that we wouldn't want to drag with us when exploring a city. So it’s nice to have a light day-to-day bag for your destination adventures.

Our eco mini backpack is extremely lightweight and can fold up into a small pouch (about the size of your palm) when it’s not in use.  The worry of having to make room for another bag will no longer be an issue with this mini backpack! This backpack is perfect to throw in your carry-on bag or even be a carry-on bag (if you are packing extra light).  



Bonus Items we love and are excited to carry in our online store:

Light Inflatable Pillow

We all know how tired travel can make us and sometimes neck pillows just don’t cut it and can be annoying to carry around while travelling.  The light inflatable pillow is amazing because when it is not in use, it deflates and folds up into the size of your hand (similar to the mini backpack).  The pillow is ergonomically curved so it is perfect to put to use anywhere: the airport, the plane, on a train. The pillow is also very easy to inflate. It only takes about 5 seconds to set up and you’re good for a nice beauty sleep!

Waterproof Camera Bag

vdora waterproof camera bag

The waterproof camera bag is ideal especially for rugged travel because it is dust proof, wear resistant, easy to use and portable. The bag can be used for anything - not just a camera. It also has a clip to attach to your carry-on for extra storage - in any weather.  With the clip feature this bag is also good for the stuff you want to access easily on the plane instead of digging through your big carry-on.