How To Survive A Long Flight Like A Pro

How To Survive A Long Flight Like A Pro

Going to far away destinations can be exhilarating but sometimes, the journey getting there can be rough. Long flights are not a preference for many because of limited leg room, poor air quality, stiff seats and general boredom. However, armed with the right accessories and attitude, the trip can be made more bearable.  At Project Vdora we have put together a list of things that can help you pass time during your travels as well as fly comfortably.

how to survive a long flight

How to survive a long flight like a pro:

  • Bring a book or any reading material

    • This suggestion, while quite obvious, can really help pass time.  Jump into someone else’s reality, learn some new facts, cry a little, laugh a little. Books can bring you to a whole new world and take you away from your whole “Are we there yet?” mindset.
  • Netflix

    • For all of you TV and movie binge-watchers out there, here is some exciting news! You can download shows and movies to your phone or tablet (not on laptops yet) from Netflix. This will be sure to occupy you for hours of your flight.
  • Bring headphones

Headphones can help you on a long flight for three reasons:
    • They can act as earplugs to take a nap. Planes can get noisy from babies crying to people chatting and it can be hard to get some much needed rest that travelling can induce.
    • You can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks or anything downloaded on your devices.
    • In some cases planes will have TV screens located either in-front of you or on the ceiling somewhere and you can watch the provided shows and movies.

long flight what to do

  • Talk to the person next to you

    • Scrap what you have been told about not talking to strangers. If the person next to you looks friendly and willing to strike up a conversation say “Hi” or ask them a question. People can be travelling for numerous different reasons and can have amazing life stories and you could end up meeting someone really cool.
  • Bring activities

This can be a number of things:
    • Cards are a great time passer, especially if you are travelling with people. You can play tons of different games that will take up your time.
    • Colouring books are not just for kids anymore. With all of the new intricate adult colouring books that have recently come out, you can use your time to colour away.  Colouring is also a calming activity so if flights make you anxious this is the perfect activity for you.
    • Bring a journal.  You can colour, write, document your experience and get creative.
    • Bring bracelet-making string and make bracelets for people you’re travelling with, people you may meet along the way, yourself or your friends back at home.
    • Do you have homework or work you need to have finished for when you get back but were too excited about your trip before you left to focus on finishing it? Do work on the plane, you will have tons of time and no distractions.
    • Download games on your devices or bring a game console and play away.
  • Take a nap

    • Like already stated, travelling can make you tired and taking a nap can keep you well rested for when you get to your destination as well as kill time on your flight.
    • Make sure to bring a travel pillow (pro tip: opt for ergonomic pillows for extra comfort) as well as some sort of blanket like our Versa Throw.
    • An eyemask/facemask is also very helpful to fall asleep on planes light can be coming from anywhere and it can be hard to sleep.
  • Dress comfortably

    • On any flight especially a long flight it is important to be as comfortable as possible.  Planes are already not the most comfortable places to be with minimal room to move and often not great airflow it can be rather difficult to be relaxed. One thing you can promise yourself is that you will at least dress in your most comfortable outfit.
    • Wear layers because you never know whether the air will be hot or cold on the plane and often it fluctuates so it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Get up and stretch

    • It is easy to get restless when you have to sit in the same spot for hours so it is important to get up and stretch when you can. Take a walk to the washroom or just down the aisle when the seatbelt light isn’t on, it will make you feel more awake and refreshed for when you finally arrive to your destination.
  • Bring moisturizer, lip balm and hand sanitizer

    • Planes can make your skin very dry because of the pressure change so it is important to bring moisturizer to avoid dry chalky skin. Lip balm is also good because your lips may also get dry.
    • Hand sanitizer is also a travel must have because you touch a lot of things while travelling and in airports and you never know what could be on your hands.
    • Both of these being said make sure the size of your moisturizer and hand sanitizer is under the fluid limit for planes otherwise it will get confiscated at security.