7 Tips for Packing Smart

7 Tips for Packing Smart

Traveling light means packing smart. Here are 7 tips to help you pack for your next trip:

1. Use a
 sturdy yet lightweight backpack that is no bigger than the maximum carry-on allowance of the airlines you're taking. 

2. Pack only versatile clothing. No, we're not just saying this because of our own Versa Line. The more functions a piece of clothing has, the more valuable it becomes.  If you want to pack efficiently, you'll need to pack clothing with maximum wearability (clothes you can wear more times before needing a wash) that is light, durable and temperature regulating. That's why Merino is awesome. Let's not forget colour coordination. Pack pieces that don't clash. 

3. Carry only a week's worth of clothes. It will be a lot easier to wash your stuff once a week at a laundromat, your accommodation, or even a public washroom than hauling a heavy luggage the entire trip.

Extra tip: take only 2 pairs of shoes, including what you're already wearing

4. Don't carry full-sized bottles. Bring small reusable containers for your toiletries such as shampoo and soap. Better yet, buy the travel sized items at your destination.

5. Compartmentalize and roll. Save space and stay organized by separating your (rolled - not folded) tops, bottoms, underwear, shoes, accessories, etc. 

pack roll

6. Pack only essential equipment. In the age of social media, everyone wants to capture almost every other travel moment. Unless you need to take these photos professionally, consider going with a smaller, lighter camera. If you need to take semi/professional shots, assess where you will be, what shots you'll need and how important it is that you take those shots. Choose you camera and lens accordingly. If possible, pack them separately - as a personal article (allowed by most airlines).

Extra tip: check destination's socket/voltage, pack smallest adapter

7. "Do I really need this?" - ask your self this repeatedly. Remove excess stuff.


When we leave familiar territory we tend to surround ourselves with familiar things to make us feel secure. Based on experience, one can learn that we don't need as much stuff as we think.

Happy travels! #quevdora #whatalife