5 Ways You Can Stay In Touch With Friends Around The World

5 Ways You Can Stay In Touch With Friends Around The World

As travellers, we often find ourselves meeting & bonding with fellow travellers on the road. Each of us coming from different backgrounds, we discover a new friend and ally in each other, spend a portion of the journey together, then part ways to begin the next adventures.

With a hug and/or besitos, we say goodbye and tell one another assuringly, "we'll stay in touch!" Easier said than done.

Vdora ambassador, Danny, shares a few ways that can help us follow thru through this infographic:

5 ways you can stay in touch with friends while traveling infographic


1. Use technology - the internet, your phone, laptops, etc.

We no longer need to wait weeks to hear from the opposite side of the world. Nowadays, we can reach someone who is thousands of kilometers away within seconds! Take advantage.

2. Plan a visit

The great thing about having friends all over the world is that you have a reason to visit places that you probably wouldn't think of visiting in the first place, If the city's already on your list, even better! You'd have a local to show you around and maybe even a place to crash.

3. Send each other post cards

Nothing like hand written snail mail to make it more personal and exciting.

4. Watch movies together

Yes, there's an app for it! Nothing beats bonding over a new episode of Stranger Things, are we right?

5. Follow each other on social media

Updates, photos and instant messaging... Need we say more?


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