3 Ways You Can Travel Sustainably

3 Ways You Can Travel Sustainably

Sustainable travel is a splendid idea, isn't it? But how can you put it into practice?

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Here's a short list of ways you can start traveling sustainably:

1. Travel like a minimalist

Leave all unnecessary items at home. Better yet, donate them to those in need. Only bring with you things that are compact, smart, versatile and truly essential.

2. Travel slowly

Slow travel allows you to get to know places better, meet and create meaningful relationships with locals, walk more, take manual (ie. bikes, kayaks, etc.) or ground transportation (instead of flights), and understand the native culture. Not only would you minimize your expense and carbon footprint, you'll also grow your insight.

3. Travel responsibly

Respect the environment, the people, and the cultures.
You know what they say; "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs."


That's it. Safe travels!
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