10 Steps To Help You Breeze Through The Airport

10 Steps To Help You Breeze Through The Airport

Flying might be the fastest way to travel but going through the airport can be a hassle. Here are a few ways to avoid being held up at check-in and security.

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Before leaving:

1. Check your airport/airline's security and baggage allowance

2. Pack accordingly. Weigh your bags. The lighter you travel, the better. 

3. When packing your carry-on, make sure all your liquids are within the max. allowable (usually 100 mL) and in a clear Ziploc bag. Place them in accessible compartments so you can easily take them out at security. If you are carrying gear (i.e. cameras and laptops), separate and keep them in one compartment so you won't have to go through your entire luggage when taking them out.

4. Check in online to avoid long line-up's.

5. Wear simple comfortable clothing. Avoid wearing too many accessories, difficult shoes, belts, scarves and jackets as you will most likely be asked to take them off when passing through security screeners.

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6. Check flight status and departure terminal.


At the airport: check-in & security

7. Have all your belongings stowed away, with only your travel documents in-hand. Make sure to empty your pockets.

8. Look for your designated check-in counter (usually published on screens). Either line up to check in (if you didn't do so online), or at the baggage drop-off. If you have already checked in online, thus have your boarding pass, and are only traveling with a carry-on, go straight to security.

9. At security, take off your jacket, scarf, etc. Place them in a bin along with your Ziploc of liquids and gels. In a separate bin, take out your electronics.


At the airport: After security

10. Check the screens for your boarding gate. Make your way there and relax.

Happy travels!