How Travel Inspired Me To Start A Sustainable Fashion Line

How Travel Inspired Me To Start A Sustainable Fashion Line

A year working and traveling abroad has opened my eyes to a few things. Being always on the go made me realize that traveling light is key to freedom of mobility. Seeing so many wonderful sceneries opened my eyes to the responsibility each of us has, as stewards of the earth, to preserve the health and beauty of God's land. Meeting people from all walks of life taught me to empathize and learn from their experiences. Finding myself in difficult situations reawakened my creativity and problem-solving skills.

el nido palawan project vdora

While traveling and working remotely, a few people have told me "Que vidorra tienes!" or "What a life you have!" Indeed, I was grateful but I wanted to share this seemingly easy and luxurious "vidorra". I wanted people to be able to genuinely say "Que vidorra!" or "What a life!" An all-encompassing statement.

Inspired by the vidorra/easy-going lifestyle and my desire to share it, I thought of the little dilemmas I faced as a traveller and how I could provide solutions for them. The most recurring issue I had was balancing comfort, style and versatility with my fashion and packing choices. Often, I found myself too cold because I wanted to travel light. On the flip side, I also found myself lugging bulky layers from cold to warm climates. Because of my first-hand experiences, I knew what I needed - what I wished I had but didn't. I simply didn't know how to make them and how to produce them responsibly. 

Upon my return home, I considered going back to the 9-to-5 work lifestyle but after a few months of uncertainty, I made a decision to continue freelancing and start Project Vdora. Using the remainder of my savings, I started researching, writing a business model and gathering materials for Project Vdora's Versa Line. I wanted to deliver first rate eco-friendly products made in an ethical setting. I wanted to be able to support the local community and advocate sustainable travel. I consulted with different suppliers, manufacturers and contractors to learn about the best possible solutions. I attended talks on sustainable fashion, locally made products and worked my way through various articles on different fabrics. Once educated, we started prototyping in October and after overcoming challenges, delays, changes and mistakes, launched the Versa Line on IndieGoGo in December. The rest is yet to be written.

Join me and Project Vdora as we design and produce more smart solutions, get to know fellow travellers and find ways to live a more conscientious lifestyle.

Let's enjoy life to the fullest while affecting positive change.

- Kim
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