Ellen McArthur: From Solo Sailing to Advocating Circular Economy

Ellen McArthur: From Solo Sailing to Advocating Circular Economy

The amazing thing about adventure travel (or simply travel itself) is that we become more aware of critical issues that we tend to overlook when we are within our comfort zone. In this Ted talk, Ellen McArthur recounts her days as a solo sailor, circumnavigating the world in her 70-feet trimaran, and how she came back with a fresh perspective.

“It's hard to explain, but you enter a different mode when you head out there. Your boat is your entire world, and what you take with you when you leave is all you have.”


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No experience in my life could have given me a better understanding of the definition of the word 'finite'." What we have out there is all we have. There is no more.”


“Suddenly I connected the dots. Our global economy is no different. It's entirely dependent on finite materials we only have once in the history of humanity.”


“I realized we've been perfecting what's effectively a linear economy for 150 years, where we take a material out of the ground, we make something out of it, and then ultimately that product gets thrown away.


So how can we turn a “linear” economy into a “circular” economy? How do we start as individuals?
Simple; We start by making conscious decisions and consuming responsibly today.

Rather than blindly collecting stuff and disposing them like we have infinite resources, we can begin to buy things with longevity in mind. We can support and advocate lifestyles that prioritize sustainable living wherein we choose quality over quantity and leave less carbon footprint.

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