Social Distancing During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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 COVID-19 has proven to be a threat to the global population, not merely because of the severity of the virus itself but more so because of the volume of cases multiplying exponentially everyday, leading to an overwhelming number of sick and dying in just a short amount of time. We've seen what happened in China, South Korea and Italy: Coronavirus was taken lightly by a lot of people until the cases and deaths multiplied so rapidly that it overwhelmed their health care systems. So how can we help protect the vulnerable, slow down the spread and aide health care professionals? 

Social Distancing.

To illustrate how one person's actions can cause ripple effects across boarders...

Let's look at the case of Patient 31:
South Korea was successfully containing COVID-19 until Patient 31 came along. Read how one person became South Korea's "Super Spreader" here.

Next, here's an article with Coronavirus simulations to help us understand how viruses spread and the importance of "flattening the curve". 

Lastly, here's a post worth reading:



 It is evident how one person can either help prevent the spread and death of many others or make this pandemic worse. 

More than ever, Project Vdora invites you to make responsible choices:

  • Wash your hands properly and often
  • Practice respiratory etiquette (cough or sneeze onto your sleeve)
  • Postpone social and travel plans
  • Do not panic & do not hoard
  • Check up on elderly neighbours (over the phone or only to drop off supplies)
  • Avoid being in crowds
  • Stay home, especially if you feel sick
  • Stay home even if you are young and healthy
  • Stay home unless necessary
  • Stay home

 After all, staying home isn't all that bad. 

Instead of focusing on the panic, uncertainty and restrictions that befell our communities brought about the COVID-19 pandemic, we can look at social distancing in a positive light.

  • A chance to slow down, rest, reflect and regroup
  • A reminder to think about the welfare not just of ourselves, but also of our neighbours 
  • A chance to cooperate with each other for the good of our communities
  • A time to reconnect with our partners and our families (or whoever we live with)
  • A reason to meditate and think about what matters to us
  • An occasion to work on personal projects or shift career paths
  • An opportunity to re-discover the joys of simple living

Staying home by avoiding non-essential commute is not only helping our health but the planet's as well.

With less planes and vehicles running, we are also helping our environment catch a break. Just take a look at the air quality in China after quarantine measures took into effect and their factories temporarily shut down:




A similar air quality developments is now evident over the skies of Italy after their government implemented a lockdown in Northern Italy. 

So there you have it; More reason to spend time away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Our health care providers are doing what they can to cope with the pandemic. Our governments are learning to act proactively. We should do our part; keep a distance and practice good hygiene. It's not such a difficult thing to do to protect our communities, is it? It's all about perspective. You can do this!

PS - In Canada, steps are being made to help protect employees. If you are sick or can work from home, please stay home. Please check your government and local official websites for more info. 




Please note: 

As of the 2nd week of March, paid marketing initiatives are on pause for Project Vdora. Online orders that might come in at this time will be accepted but may take longer to ship out. This is to minimize the number of drop-off's / courier visits to one per week.

The in-store items will remain accessible at the discretion of The Nooks Port Hope. Their management has assured increased sanitation and distancing efforts in-store. Further updates may be found here as they become available.


UPDATE March 17, 2020:
Ontario has declared a state of emergency. As of today, The Nooks will be closed until further notice. 


UPDATE April 17, 2020:
Our delivery partners have implemented a contactless system for everyone's health and safety. Because of this enhanced safety measure, Project Vdora will now continue online operations "normally". Delivery delays may still occur as we limit drop-off's to twice a week, as well as any courier or boarder delay due to the pandemic.

Thank you and take care!