How To Dress Comfortably for The Summer Work Week

How To Dress Comfortably for The Summer Work Week

Picking an outfit for the work week can be challenging, particularly when it's sizzling outside and cold in the air conditioned offices. Maintaining a comfortable body temperature from your morning commute to your 10 AM meeting, patio lunch break and afterwork social can seem next to impossible.

So how can you stay fresh throughout the day when you find yourself in varying climates?

Here are a few tips on how you can dress comfortably for the Summer work week:

Choose moisture-wicking fabric

Summer temperatures, crowded commutes and errands can all trigger sweat. Opt for  anti-bacterial clothing made with moisture-wicking fabric like merino wool and chitosan treated recycled poly. This is especially important if you choose a tight-fitting item and/or are working out.

Avoid tight clothes

As much as possible, wear clothes that allow for some ventilation and air flow. Loose tops, airy pants, shift dresses and A-line skirts are great choices. If you do require a tight fitting item, as mentioned above, opt for breathable fabric.

Style versatilely for the day

Invest in versatile clothing that you can mix and match throughout the day and even every day after. The beauty of having a smart capsule wardrobe is that most of your items will already be fit for the varying temperatures that each season will present. With the hot and sometimes humid Summer weather, plus the cool temperatures that air conditioned indoor spaces present, it can feel as though you're moving from Summer to late Fall and back within the day.

If you have the right layers, multi-functional accessories and versatile styled pieces, you can add, mix and remove items as needed. Take for example how Clare styled one Fluid Halter Top for different settings on this blog post: 4 Ways To Wear Vdora's Fluid Halter Top

Leave a throw in your office or carry a lightweight shawl

Invest in an all-around shawl or scarf that looks good in everyday situations. Choose a style that will go well with both casual and professional clothes. Temperature-regulating lightweight throws such as the Versa Throw are great to keep in your purse for when you find yourself in freezing boardrooms or out on a cool Summer night.

Avoid closed-toe leather or plastic shoes

Last but not least, it's important to let your feet breathe. Wear open toed sandals and look for cork or merino wool lined shoes. If you can't avoid constricting shoes, wear your formal shoes in the office and your breathable shoes outside. 




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