5 Ways To Style Your Versa Throw This Summer

5 Ways To Style Your Versa Throw This Summer

The Versa Throw is perfect for any climate. You can throw on and style this temperature regulating multiway shawl not only in the cooler months but also in warm weather. We've put together 5 ways you can wear and incorporate your Versa Throw to your Summer outfits.


Versa Throw styled as capelook sophisticated in Versa Throw styled as shawl


1. Throw on as a cape

...to add some flare, an extra layer for when there is a cooler breeze or have a hood ready (view our video)

2. Throw on as a  shawl

... for more coverage and cosier blanket feel. This is great for the evening or even as a pool or beach cover-up over your swimsuit!

Versa Throw styled as ponchoVersa Throw styled as wrap around shawl

3. Throw on as a poncho

... to act as wind breaker or to simply cover up a tank top

4. Throw on as a wrap-around top

... to wear as a top, look more sophisticated, cosy up or hide a tank top 

5. Throw on as a scarf

... because sometimes in the Summer, a cold front still comes in


It's easy to look and feel good with just one item anywhere you are! These are only 5 of the many ways you can get creative with the Versa Throw.




Packing the ethical 100% Merino wool shawl is especially ideal when you're traveling thru different weather conditions and don't want to lug heavy bags packed with layers. 

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