4 Ways To Wear Vdora's Fluid Halter Top

4 Ways To Wear Vdora's Fluid Halter Top

Leave your heavy bags behind and travel light!

It's possible to look different with just one top. Designed to be moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and breathable, our Fluid Halter Tops can last for days without needing a wash.

We gave one to Instagrammer & Vdora brand ambassador Clare Mulvale to test out. Here's what she had to say:


The Vdora Fluid Halter Top has so many amazing qualities but the one quality that really stood out to me is how versatile the top can be.

I tested out styling the halter in 4 very different ways: a workout look, daytime casual, business casual and an evening look.


In every circumstance I appreciated how soft, light-weight and stretchy it is but also how well it went with every look!


breathable fluid halter top - athletic look

The first look I tested the Fluid Halter Top with was a workout look.  I personally am someone who loves to work on my fitness and one of the things that motivates me is having comfy and cute clothes to do that in.  I paired the Vdora halter with some patterned leggings for this look.  The top is perfect for working out because of how stretchy and comfortable it is.  No one wants to be uncomfortable when they are doing a workout and this top gives you the comfortability and breathability needed for a good workout. 



breathable fluid halter top - casual look

The second look I created with the Fluid Halter Top was a casual daytime look. I partnered the top with some grey jeans and a denim jacket. Wearing different shades of denim together with a plain shade top is one of my favourite things to do.  The plain black halter neutralized all the denim I had going on in my outfit. Being comfy and casual is how I dress most often so having a simple, multi wear and comfy top that I can just throw on any day is ideal.



breathable fluid halter top - business look

The third look is geared towards the Toronto business lifestyle.  In a busy city like Toronto, it is essential to have clothes on hand that work in a business casual setting.  I paired the top with some plaid suit pants and a mauve pink blazer.  This look, I believe, shows how versatile this halter really is the most;

You can wear this shirt to work out but also in a business setting, which is crazy!
The top went perfectly with my outfit and is so comfortable for a long day at work compared to a typical collared button up work shirt.



breathable fluid halter top - evening look

The final look I put together is an evening look. I paired the halter with my favourite fluffy jacket because, again, the top is good at toning down an outfit!  I don’t know about you but a huge struggle for me when I am going out and want to look a bit fancier is being comfortable. I had no worries about that wearing the Vdora top! This top looks super cute and no one would even notice if you also wore it to the gym and to work earlier that day.

No matter what activity the day throws at you changing your shirt will no longer be an issue but, if changing is something that is required in your day the halter is also really light and small which makes it easy to pack and travel with.


You can get the top here.

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