How To Style The Versa Throw

How To Style The Versa Throw
Elevate your sustainable style with a timeless accessory that can keep up with your lifestyle gracefully.
The Versa Throw is a capsule essential that is designed for smart functionality
while also adding sophistication &
versatility to your outfit.
Its lightweight yet anti-bacterial & temperature-regulating features make it the ideal travel shawl year-round.
This versatile shawl can be styled in countless ways so you can look different everyday. This eliminates the need to haul multiple layers and will save you time and closet / luggage space. So you can worry less and live more.
Below are some ideas on how you can get creative with the Versa Throw,
including step-by-step guides that you can follow:
The Basic: Style As A Shawl
versa throw as a shawl 2
Simply place the shawl on your back and shoulders, and put your arms through the 2 armholes.
As a Cape, and with Hood
wear the versa throw as a cape with hood
From being draped as a shawl, bring the Versa Throw's armholes up to your shoulders to reveal your arms. Need a hood? Gather the bunched fabric on your back (between your shoulder blades) and pull them up over your head.
 As A Poncho
how to wear versa throw as poncho
Fold the Versa Throw in half so that the 2 armholes are aligned. Place the armholes over your head, as you would a shirt.
style versa throw as a poncho
Rotate the Versa Throw until you find your preferred style: straight cut, u-neck, slanted or off shoulder.
 As A Wrap-Around Shawl
versa throw as a wrap
Follow these steps:
how to wear versa throw as wrap 1
Hold the Versa throw up so that the hem/tag is facing towards you, with the armholes on either side.
Place your left arm thru the left armhole. Gather the fabric onto your left shoulder (view photo for reference)
how to wear versa throw as wrap 2
Raise & wrap the rest of the fabric over your right shoulder, across your back, and towards your left arm.
Insert your left arm through the second armhole. Adjust according to your desired finished look.
how to wear versa throw as wrap 3
versa throw as wrap unisex
Start getting creative with the Versa Throw!
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Remember: You can wear more and wash less
but when you do wash this 100% Merino wool fabric, opt for gentle & cool setting (though hand washing is best) and simply lay flat to dry.
Looking to try the Versa Throw before making an investment on this capsule essential? Check it out at The Nooks in Port Hope!
More locations in Ontario, Canada coming soon.