These 8 Instagrammers Will Inspire You To Dress & Live Sustainably

These 8 Instagrammers Will Inspire You To Dress & Live Sustainably

We've put together a list of eco conscious Instagrammers that you'd love to follow today. These lifestyle bloggers show us that it's possible to be both stylish and conscientious when it comes to our fashion and consumption decisions.

1. Angela Wallace

@Sasstainablestyle (Toronto, Canada)



Angela has lived in three countries and now is based in Toronto. She has over eight years of experience working with charities, social enterprises and luxury retail and advising conscious companies as a brand architect, consultant, influencer, speaker and writer. She is the founder of Sasstainable, where she shares beauty, food, fashion, lifestyle and news on living the Sasstainable life.

2. Alden Wicker

@ecocult (NYC)


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Alden is a New Yorker, who, as she says, “has been living the green lifestyle forever”. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of EcoCult, a blog about living sustainably in NYC and beyond; including fashion, beauty, food, design, and events. Alden is also the co-founder of the Ethical Writers Coalition, a group of creatives who strive to embody and support all aspects of the ethical and sustainable lifestyle.


3. Alyssa Lau

@imalyssalau (Edmonton, Canada)


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Alyssa Lau is the founder of her personal style blog, content creator, photographer, creative director, and owner of sustainable e-commerce shop New Classics Studios. She believes eco-fashion has the potential to change both the environment and the lives of garment workers within the supply chain for the better.

4. Karen Housel

@sustainabledaisy (LA)


Karen is an environmental scientist and the founder of eco-friendly fashion lifestyle blog called Sustainable Daisy, whose mission is to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe, beauty routine, and lifestyle. Sustainable Daisy is home for earth lovers to come together to become more conscious consumers. Karen believes that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean one has to compromise her philosophy is that you can be stylish without participating in the consumeristic world of fast-fashion and beauty.

5. Jessika Khoury

@stylemesustainable (LA)



Jessika is a wardrobe stylist and certified sustainable living coach based in Los Angeles. Style Me Sustainable, created by Jessika, is your go-to for brands that support sustainable fashion. The blog covers fashion, organic beauty products, home decor and everything else that helps you to achieve a more stylish and completely sustainable lifestyle.

6. Natalie Kay

@sustainablychic (Jacksonville, Florida)



Natalie has a background in fashion, but many years ago she decided she did not want to stay in the industry unless she was changing the way the business worked. Natalie created of Sustainably Chic blog in the summer of 2014. She names it a destination for sustainable fashion, beauty & lifestyle. It's a place where fashion can exist responsibly.

7. Jessica

@englishlassinla (originally from the UK, now in LA)



Jessica grew up in England, her grandfather was a tailor, and her father - a chef. She took after her grandfather and decided enroll in a handcraft tailoring program in the London College of Fashion. When she moved to LA she started English Lass in LA which was originally a space to share her experience exploring her new home and culture, but over time evolved to include her explorations of a more sustainable life.

8. Holly Rose

@LeottieLovely (originally from Winnipeg, now living in Paris)


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Leotie Lovely is a guide to living more consciously, Holly shares her own stories and paths towards a greater state of eco-wisdom and ethical awareness.

Whether you are already an eco-living guru or a sustainable fashion newbie making your first steps into conscious consumption, these 8 Instagrammers are definitely worth following as a great source of inspiration and information on cruelty-free organic beauty, ethical clothing and minimalist lifestyle. Welcome to an eco-friendly world!

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Prepared by Vdora ambassador, Darya